We did some digging and wanted to find the best forum communities and discussions to help electrical engineers, radio amateurs, DIYers,…

Internet (or online) forums are basically discussion boards, enabling people to hold conversation on dedicated topics. It creates an environment, where users connect to an online community, debate on topics of the choice, exchange ideas, etc.

The first Internet forum was a result of a meeting between Dr. Larry Brilliant and Steward Brand. Initially, the idea was to develop a software to create a discussion forum for the items from Brand’s Whole Earth Catalogue. Brand took the idea a step further and made it open for discussion of any kind.

Nowadays there are hundreds of thousands of online forums on every topic one can imagine. We did some digging and wanted to find the best communities and discussions to help electrical engineers, radio amateurs, DIYers,… Here is our top list of resources to find fresh ideas, help with certain project you’ve been struggling with, or simply to have a good debate.

1. MJLorton

Who doesn’t know Martin Lorton, with his famous Youtube channel called mjlorton. The forum on his personal website really lives up to reputation of its Youtube channel, with thousands of topics and active members. When approached with question, what is the most frequently asked question on the forum, Martin replied: “The next question I get all the time is how to solar power various devices and appliances.”

2. Edaboard 

From elementary electronics threads to threads for more advanced users. You can also find a discussion with answers for your DIY project question. Edaboard sure has it all.

3. Electronics Point 

The name itself describes it perfectly. With a number of project logs, information about components, and more, Electronics Point is a great forum for everybody who is looking for fresh ideas and a place to get help with projects they are struggling with.

4. All About Circuits 

Anyone up for a good electronic course? Try All About Circuit.

5. Electronics Design 

A credible resource for all electronic design engineers. Electronic Design even features a readers Q&A every two weeks, which gives its readers quality advice from their leading technical experts.

6. Electronics and Electrical Engineering Design Forum 

It’s probably pointless introducing EE, being so well known and reputed in electrical engineering world. Their forum really lives up by their general reputation with tons of quality threads and topics.

7. Reddit / ECE 

Front page of the Internet. Their Electrical and Computer Engineering just might become your front page for good.

8. Electro Tech Online 

‘Renewable Energy’, ‘Robotics & Mechatronics’, ‘Electronics Videos’,… These are just couple of modern day electronics debate threads and discussions. If you’re more of a sell-buy kind of person there is even a nice market under the ‘Buy, Sell and Trade’ section.

9. SparkFun

If you have a question about a specific product, you can find a lively debate on ‘SparkFun Product Questions’ thread. When you get all the info, head to the projects discussion and share your experience about what you managed to build recently with your latest acquisition.

Red Pitaya Forum 

Internet forums are still huge in a community of electrical engineers, hobbyists, hackers etc. That being said, Red Pitaya’s forum unites a great number of people, interested in building awesome projects, finding and propounding fresh ideas and sharing their rich knowledge with others.

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