What is the most exciting project to be build in 5 years time? We awarded two free ALU casings, for the best ideas from out community!

We had this dreams about the future of Red Pitaya. We were wondering whether any of you dreamed the same dreams and asked: “What is the most exciting project to be developed in 5 years time?” We awarded the best ideas with free ALU casing!

And the winners were?
Our tech dept will picked our Facebook and email contest winners. Maxim and Randolph posted the best ideas and were awarded with free Red Pitaya ALU casing!

Winner on Facebook is: Maxim Gheorghe
Winner on E-mail: Randolph Garrison

Disclaimer: Due to insufficient amount of answers on Twitter (1) and LinkedIn (1), we weren’t able to pick the best answers. Thus, we reasonably believe the reward is deservedly only for participants on Facebook and participants who contacted us via email.